How to draw a cat

In this tutorial you can see how to draw a cat with graphite pencils and graphite powder.

Main lines

How to draw a white cat

      As a first draw a grid over reference photo and on a paper. We want to draw realistic drawing, so we have to draw it proportionally, that's why the grid is a good solution. Using grid we can save our time and get it really precisely. When drawing grid don't press too much, otherwise you can create "channels" with pencil which will be visible after erasing grid. The best if you draw grid with H pencils. So, measure and draw main lines, after erase the grid. On the image above I created digital grid over the first step of my drawing ('cause my pencil grid was hardly visible) to make it more understandable for you.
      When I draw white animal, I'm using to draw background and leave white color of paper for the animal; of course a lot of white nuances.


How to draw a white cat

      This time we draw white cat chasing the fly. Background is pretty dark and animals are under the light. As a first - as I'm using to do - I make graphite powder with sharpener and spread it with my finger (sometimes needed cotton if finger is sweaty (in the summer)) putting some paper over those parts I want them to stay white. You can do this way or simply draw the background with pencil. On some parts near to cat hair and fly I used pencil and blending stump.


Cat fur and blending stump

How to draw a white cat


How to draw a white cat

      Shade the body of cat. On the edge leave the white color of paper, and of course create stronger shade on the parts that get less light.
      With blending stump (you can use simple pencil (as I was doing for 10 years)) draw from background inward the cat's fur (look at the tools I use on home page)

Drawing with eraser

How to draw

      I'm using to draw with eraser a lot. For drawing this cat I used mechanical eraser pencil (look at the image above), but before I bought this I had been cutting simple eraser with knife to get sharp edge. With eraser draw white lines on the edge of cat's body (outward), among those dark lines that we've drawn with blending stamp from background into the cat's fur. Some artists use white ink pen for these, I also bought it, but I don't like it; for me this is somehow yellow and after more than 10 years it's difficult to change some habits. If you want, try it and use if you find it easier.
       So, this way I draw fur and whiskers (look at the images below)

How to draw


Final result:

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